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Dog piss department store

10 June 2016

Austria-Germany-Salzburg-Munich-Train - Dog piss department store

From Salzburg to Munich by train

I knew it must happen. Today in a department store back in Munich, where I now am, in the flash basement food section, I saw a dog take a full pis....

Supermarket is the only healthy option

9 June 2016

Austria-Salzburg-Kapuzinerberg - Supermarket is the only healthy option

The view from Kapuzinerberg in Salzburg

Its still raining. It rained all day. But in great news, my camera came back to life after a session with the hair dryer. I bought snacks for my m....

Record saturation

9 June 2016

Austria-Salzburg-Hiking-Rain - Record saturation

I got completely lost and saturated on a hike near Salzburg

I have achieved a new record in the level of saturation achieved. Despite dire warnings of flash flooding and constant rain, I decided mountain cl....


8 June 2016

Austria-Salzburg-Mozart-Sausage - Cliffs

Salzburg has buildings built into cliffs

The old city of Salzburg is built around a series of cliffs. This makes the layout confusing. Then I discovered one of the cliffs is only a few me....

Smallest hotel room ever

8 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Train - Smallest hotel room ever

From Innsbruck to Salzburg by train

Now I am Salzburg, where I was greeted by thunderstorms. This may alter my planned activities tomorrow, time will tell, hopefully they disappear. ....

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