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I promise no mountain photos

7 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Casino - I promise no mountain photos

Tyrol food specialty

As the title suggests, I set out to especially not take any more photos of mountains, today. The hotel I am in insists I hand the key to my room b....

Din tai fung

8 April 2011

Singapore-Casino-Mall-Architecture - Din tai fung

This morning I set out to the new area of Singapore called Marina Bay. I guess its not technically new but it has been developed significantly rec....


28 March 2011

Macau-Casino-Ferry - Macau

As mentioned above, the plan this afternoon was to go to Macau, and thats exactly what I did. On the way I had sushi for lunch, from Genki Sushi, ....


22 March 2010

Macau-Casino-Ferry-Custard Tart - Macau

Today I caught a turbojet ferry to macau and back. Its about a 1 hour ride and about $20 each way, which I thought was pretty cheap. The ferries a....

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