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What protest?

26 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Food - What protest?

Saturday night in Seoul

Either there was no protest or by the time I went out at 6pm they had packed up and gone home. There were thousands of police with coloured waving....

The goat

26 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Soyosan - The goat

Soyosan hike

Today I did a small hike practically on the North Korean border with the easiest to pronounce name of any mountain in Korea - Soyosan. Getting the....

So many universities for women

25 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hongdae - So many universities for women

From City Hall to Hongdae on foot

Do other cities have women's universities? They are everywhere in Seoul. What goes on in them? Do they teach you how to walk around with a book on....

From the forest to the underground

25 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Forest-Park - From the forest to the underground

Seoul forest park

Rest day today despite the glorious weather. I wanted to go for a decent walk, this is hard when walking on streets in Korea, because the crossing....


24 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Curry - Threepeat

A short walk to a familiar meal

Short update will be short. I have now had Abiko curry 3 times on this trip. 1st time at the Lotte young store, vegetarian, super spicy, and it wa....

Rocky road

24 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Dobongsan - Rocky road

Dobongsan to Uijeongbu

Today I did a hike I have done before. Well, I have done the first bit before with the death defying hand rails and opportunities for plummeting. ....

The new part of the old side

23 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Yongsan - The new part of the old side

A nice walk to Yongsan and back

Train journey days mean not enough steps are done. So this evening I decided to rectify that by walking to Yongsan and back. Not a massive walk, b....

Back to the start

23 November 2022

Korea-Daejeon-Seoul-KTX - Back to the start

Daejeon to Seoul on the KTX

Now I am back in Seoul, a mere 2km from where I was 11 days ago. Today I waited as long as possible to go to the station in Daejeon, because it is....

Feet washing station

22 November 2022

Korea-Daejeon-Yuseong - Feet washing station

Yuseong hot springs

Tonight I went to Daejeon's third shopping and eating area, this one has convenient spots to wash your feet in communal troughs. Surprisingly, the....

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