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Finally here

18 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Daejeon-KTX - Finally here

Gwangju to Daejeon on the KTX

It seemed to take forever to get here. The train journey in total was only 2 hours. Foolishly I got to the station in Gwangju 2 hours early and th....

Special zucchini

17 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Shinsegae - Special zucchini

Gwangju Shinsegae

I found a much bigger department store and mall in Gwangju. Strangely located far from the subway, but it is where the main bus terminal is. It ba....

The next town over

17 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Hwasun - The next town over

Walking from Gwangju to Hwasun

Today is my last day in Gwangju. It is also a non hiking day, and the only day I plan to do my washing. So I left the hotel early with no plan and....

Briefly underground

16 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Food - Briefly underground

A short stroll around Chungjangno

Warnings were given, since I am on about 45,000 steps for the day, this evenings stroll was short, and there are no photos of interest. So lets do....

The low down

16 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Mudeungsan-Jisan - The low down

Mudeungsan from Jisan amusement park

Today I did a big lap of the lower parts of Mudeungsan national park, so let me give you the low down. Somehow I amassed 20km and just under 6 hou....

Above the line

15 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Sangmu - Above the line

From Chungjangno to Sangmu

Last time I was here I stayed somewhere near Sangmu and walked to Chungjangno. This time I am staying in Chungjangno and walked to Sangmu. I remem....

Penguins and Caves

15 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Cave - Penguins and Caves

Gwangju Penguin village and Dwinggul cave

A non hiking no plan day. I scrolled the map. It is a Korean map so that did not help much. Brown labels are generally tourist places so I looked ....


14 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Lotte - Hiccups

Gwangju Lotte for dinner

After a long day hiking it was inevitable that dinner would be somewhere close and easy. So off to the Lotte it was. However I have the hiccups. I....

Colonnades hermitages and Gorals

14 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Hiking-Mudeungsan - Colonnades hermitages and Gorals

Mudeungsan from Wonhyo ranger station

I have done parts of this hike before. It was fantastic, and admittedly last time had a clearer view. Today I got on the right bus immediately, a ....

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