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Last stop

20 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Seoul-Bullet Train - Last stop

The slow bullet train from Gwangju to Seoul

Now I am in Seoul, it will be my last stop on this trip. Well except for my 6 hour stopover in Hong Kong airport due to a flight being changed on ....

So many socks

19 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Ramen - So many socks

Eating Korean style Ramyun

One simply cannot underestimate how many socks a Korean person might need, underwear too. Shops selling socks and undies come in many forms. Lady ....

Rain gone, mountain time

19 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Hiking-Mudeungsan - Rain gone, mountain time

Hiking magnificent Mudeungsan near Gwangju

I woke up excited, mountain day! I leapt out of bed and felt minor pain, in my ribs. My bed is so hard I believe I have bruised ribs whilst sleepi....

Rain annoyance

18 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Pizza-Rain - Rain annoyance

Eating Pizza in Gwangju

I have not been arrested by the secret police yet, but it is STILL raining, which is getting annoying. Further issues arise with short asian peopl....

Rain panic

18 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Rain-Uprising - Rain panic

The 5.18 Memorial Park of Gwangju

No mountain, raining. It better stop tomorrow, forecast says it will, cause theres a mountain nearby with my name on it, and I am raring to go. I....

Ridiculous hotels

17 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Hotel-Neon - Ridiculous hotels

The love hotels of Gwangju

My hotel is in the business and financial area of Gwangju apparently. It is an area with very wide streets, a lot of things are under construction....

On the bus

17 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Gwangju-Bus - On the bus

Taking the bus from Busan to Gwangju

Today I caught a bus to Gwangju, the smallest city I will be visiting with a population of only 1.5 million people. As discussed above, I had no t....

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