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The low down

16 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Mudeungsan-Jisan - The low down

Mudeungsan from Jisan amusement park

Today I did a big lap of the lower parts of Mudeungsan national park, so let me give you the low down. Somehow I amassed 20km and just under 6 hou....

Colonnades hermitages and Gorals

14 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Hiking-Mudeungsan - Colonnades hermitages and Gorals

Mudeungsan from Wonhyo ranger station

I have done parts of this hike before. It was fantastic, and admittedly last time had a clearer view. Today I got on the right bus immediately, a ....

Rain gone, mountain time

19 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Hiking-Mudeungsan - Rain gone, mountain time

Hiking magnificent Mudeungsan near Gwangju

I woke up excited, mountain day! I leapt out of bed and felt minor pain, in my ribs. My bed is so hard I believe I have bruised ribs whilst sleepi....

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