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23 November 2022

Korea-Daejeon-Seoul-KTX - Back to the start

Daejeon to Seoul on the KTX

Now I am back in Seoul, a mere 2km from where I was 11 days ago. Today I waited as long as possible to go to the station in Daejeon, because it is....

Finally here

18 November 2022

Korea-Gwangju-Daejeon-KTX - Finally here

Gwangju to Daejeon on the KTX

It seemed to take forever to get here. The train journey in total was only 2 hours. Foolishly I got to the station in Gwangju 2 hours early and th....

Grey day for a train ride

13 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Gwangju-KTX - Grey day for a train ride

Seoul to Gwangju on the KTX

Now I am in Gwangju. I have been here before, in 2015, but I stayed on the other side of town then and mainly travelled to this side of town where....

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