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Korea4 trip completed

18 April 2022

news - Korea4 trip completed

1st COVID era trip is now complete. CLICK HERE to read the whole thing from the start!

Upcoming trip - South Korea - Maybe...

4 April 2022

news - Upcoming trip - South Korea - Maybe...

I have not been to an airport in 2 years after previously going every week. Finally places are opening. I have jumped on the change to go to South....

Name change... again

8 April 2021

news - Name change... again

OK, years ago this site had a really short name. Someone bought it off me for too much money to decline. Then I chose another name, which existed ....

Cape Otway trip completed

6 April 2021

news - Cape Otway trip completed

My short trip to Cape Otway is over. CLICK HERE to read it from the start.

Cape Otway trip in progress!

1 April 2021

news - Cape Otway trip in progress!

I am now at Cape Otway looking at a lighthouse. CLICK HERE to go to the latest update.

Upcoming trip - Cape Otway

31 March 2021

news - Upcoming trip - Cape Otway

So... COVID is still going full swing in most places around the world. Australia is much better off than nearly anywhere, travel within Australia ....

Upcoming trip - Japan10

12 January 2020

news - Upcoming trip - Japan10

UPDATE: ALSO CANCELLED, Corona Virus. Oh so very predictable. I have now booked my trip for November 2020, back to Japan for the 10th time. The cu....

Upcoming trip - Korwan

10 January 2020

news - Upcoming trip - Korwan

UPDATE: CANCELLED, Corona Virus. Similar to last year but slightly different, from early April I will be spending 4 weeks split evenly between Kor....

Japan9 trip completed!

25 October 2019

news - Japan9 trip completed!

My 9th trip to Japan is now completed. CLICK HERE to go read it all from the start.

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