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Hot and very windy

12 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Koriyama-Shinkansen - Hot and very windy

From Yamagata to Koriyama on the Shinkansen

Now I am in Koriyama. My last new stop on this trip. After here I will go back to Tokyo. It is about 20 degrees but blowing a gale forced wind. It....

Rain the other way

11 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Food-Ramen - Rain the other way

Light rain followed by Ramen in Yamagata

I actually had a plan to go quite a bit further tonight, up a hill and down a street I thought might have a bit of a view of the city lights, howe....

A rare event indeed

10 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Food-Pizza - A rare event indeed

Eating pizza in Yamagata

I dont think I have eaten pizza in over 5 years, even though I like it. Tonight that changed. Generally speaking, I think pizza is the ultimate ca....

Ice capades on magic mountain

10 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Hiking-Mount Zao - Ice capades on magic mountain

Climbing Mount Zao without the cable car

There will be no crater lake photo. There will be lots of photos of ice, lots and lots of ice. It is hard to photograph the wind, but I think you ....

Jacket time

9 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Nanukamachi-Ramen - Jacket time

Nanukamachi in Yamagata

Yamagata has 2 areas full of shops and restaurants. The station area is like most station areas, focused on business men and travelers, but Yamaga....

A bridge between two tunnels

9 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Yamagata-Train - A bridge between two tunnels

From Niigata to Yamagata on the slow train

Slow train really wasnt that slow. All up about 4 hours door to door. The first train went from Niigata to Yonezawa, through spectacular scenery. ....

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