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Far from station

13 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Taitung-Train - Far from station

Travelling by train from Hualien to Taitung

Now I am in Taitung or Taidong or Tai(random) and thats the last time I do that. The train station is far from the city, so very very far, 90 minu....

Dry trip to station

12 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Scooters-Food-Pasta - Dry trip to station

Eating pasta in Hualien

Tomorrow I am moving further down the coast, this time to Taitung, which is what maps say, but is actually Taidong, because somehow tung and dong ....


12 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Hiking-Rain-Zuocang - Cloudview

Hiking up Zuocang in Hualien

For the last 3 days I have been looking at the mountain towering over the city of Hualien. So today despite it being covered in cloud, I decided t....

Department store rain shelter

11 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Rain-Department Store-Food - Department store rain shelter

The Hualien Far Eastern department store

Imagine my lack of surprise when this evening I stepped out of my hotel room to find it was raining. It is not really a problem at night, and it d....

Cement factory rubbish dump beach

11 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Beach-Chisingtan-Cake - Cement factory rubbish dump beach

Walking along the beach from Hualien to Chishingtan

Today I walked along the beach to the next town over, Qixingtan, formerly Chishingtan. Cheetsingtchan is famous for its view of the beach with the....

Surprise carnival

10 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Carnival - Surprise carnival

The Hualien night market is more of a carnival with fighter jets

Not many photos this evening, I actually did 40,000 steps in the gorge earlier today, so I did not have much strength left. I did however manage t....


10 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Taroko Gorge - Engorged

Day trip to Taroko Gorge from Hualien

Today I went to Taroko Gorge, one of Taiwans 2 main tourist attractions. Dont worry I am going to the other one as well later in my trip. I know y....

Third world footpaths

9 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Food-Dumplings - Third world footpaths

Eating dumplings in Hualien

Each time I come to Taiwan, I mention the footpath situation, now its time for a detailed expose! I do not understand the situation at all, if its....

Crap photos featuring trains

9 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Hualien-Bullet Train - Crap photos featuring trains

Taking the train from Taipei to Hualien

Now I am in Hualien. On the way I took lots of crap photos of trains, and photos through the window of a moving train. Taking photos from a moving....

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