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My own personal cave

7 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Hiking-Cave - My own personal cave

I originally set out just to hang out by the lake and snap photos of people taking photos of smog. However after watching the musical fountain and....

Somehow no pollution

6 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Market - Somehow no pollution

Late afternoon the pollution started to clear. Amazingly by dark it was gone, I could see stars. Either it was stars or I have stuck pixels in my ....

The great buddah scam

6 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Buddha-West Lake-Hiking - The great buddah scam

I did two activities in the day today. The first one was great, the mountain area on the northern shore of the West lake. The second activity, aft....

Best meal ever?

5 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Construction-Mall-Tofu - Best meal ever?

Hangzhou is huge. Like many Chinese cities there is a new city area, which is far away from the old city area. In Hangzhou I estimate its about 15....

The lake in the fog

5 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-West Lake-Fog - The lake in the fog

The west lake is the #1 tourist attraction in all of China if you believe the signs. I kind of struggle to accept more people come here than say, ....

Rivers of mud

4 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Rain-Architecture - Rivers of mud

It didnt stop raining. But it never really rained enough to convince me I would get wet. However it did rain enough that the massive construction ....

Wet, lost and confused

4 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Hangzhou-Train - Wet, lost and confused

Today is the day to move from Nanjing to Hangzhou, about 2 hours by train back through Shanghai. Checking out of my hotel was fun, thank you sir, ....

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