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The turn for home

6 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Gifu-China Town-Shinkansen - The turn for home

Riding the Shinkansen from Kobe to Gifu

Now I am in Gifu, which means I have stopped heading West and am now heading back East towards Tokyo. A sad day indeed. I have never been here bef....

Pyramids of Sannomiya

5 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Sannomiya-Food-Curry - Pyramids of Sannomiya

Eating curry on Ikuta road in Sannomiya|

After getting distracted last night and seeing only Kobe port, tonight I boarded a train and headed straight for Sannomiya, the main downtown area....

First everybody then nobody

5 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Hiking-Mount Rokko - First everybody then nobody

Hiking up and over Mount Rokko in Kobe via the rock garden path

Its Sunday, men are allowed out hiking, theres only one popular hiking spot near Kobe and its awesome, so it was packed. And then it wasnt. Allow ....

Surprisingly great

4 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Ferris Wheel-Mall-Food - Surprisingly great

The bustling harborside area of Kobe

As I mentioned above, I have been to Kobe twice before but never stayed here. I think I have always gone to Sannomiya station and then headed up t....

The wind arrived

4 November 2017

Japan-Osaka-Kobe-Shinsaibashi - The wind arrived

Getting from Osaka to Kobe is really easy

Right now its really windy, maybe another typhoon! I doubt it, I would have heard about it, although I had no real idea about the last one. I am n....

More mountains, Kobe

16 March 2014

Japan-Kobe-Hiking-Garden-Takaoyama - More mountains, Kobe

In a rather familiar order of events, this morning I took a train some place and climbed a mountain, because I am just so predictable. Today the d....


11 March 2012

Japan-Hiking-Kobe-Curry-Mount Rokko - Kobe

I awoke to bright sunshine, despite the forecast of rain. I thought I had better make the most of it and head to the other nearby city of Kobe. Li....

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