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Boeing 777
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As per schedule

3 March 2015

Sydney-Incheon-Boeing 777 - As per schedule

Sydney to Incheon on an Asiana 777

Well, everything went to schedule. The flight left on time. It followed the correct course. The tail did not snap off on landing. It was however t....

Multiple modes of transport

18 March 2014

Osaka-Taoyuan-Taichung-Airport-Boeing 777 - Multiple modes of transport

As mentioned on the previous page, today involved multiple modes of transport to go from Osaka to Taichung in Taiwan. I wont bore myself by recoun....

Hong Kong airport

21 March 2012

Hong Kong-Airport-Boeing 777-Lounge - Hong Kong airport

The flight from Taipei was short and uneventful. I didnt eat anything as I was excited to eat a lot at Hong Kong airport. I have 2.5 hours to eat ....

Flying on a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200

3 December 2005

Adelaide-Airport-Boeing 777 - Flying on a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200

The flight was absolutely full, of fools! In front of me is a German guy, and no matter what he does he cant stay seated more than 5 minutes, he a....

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