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Search and denied

15 June 2022

Korea-Seoul-Airport-Incheon - Search and denied

Departing Seoul from Incheon airport

Now I am in Singapore. Airports are not like they used to be. First of all getting to Incheon airport took a really long time. The no stop train w....

Arriving in Seoul

19 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Incheon-Airport - Arriving in Seoul

Prepare to have your brain pierced nasally

The second flight was not as long as the first flight but still pretty long. Made longer because some peopled did not board and so they had to tak....

Train to city too tired two photos

31 March 2019

Airport-Korea-Incheon - Train to city too tired two photos

Flying to Incheon airport on Hong Kong Airlines

Despite no sleep, I have amazingly managed to stick to, too and two in the title of this boring update. Right now I am on the AREX train into Seou....

Boring stuff - part 1

25 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Incheon-Airport - Boring stuff - part 1

Getting from Seoul to Incheon airport

Stop reading now if you dont want to hear about planes, trains, airports and waiting in airports. Part 1 - Seoul to Hong Kong. Getting to Seoul ai....

The hilarious hotel room

7 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-Seoul-Daegu-Bullet Train - The hilarious hotel room

From Incheon to Daegu on KTX

Welcome to Daegu. To get to Daegu was a number of trains, of which I took a number of photos, many of which will look the same, so I will explain ....

Where did everyone go?

6 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-China Town - Where did everyone go?

The Incheon China Town

Its Friday night and theres no one around. Is Korea playing in a world cup final I didnt know about? Perhaps the direction I headed in, to the por....


6 March 2015

Korea-Hiking-Incheon - Multipeak

Hiking the mountains near Incheon

Nothing like following up a day of climbing up and down things by doing it again. Today there were multiple peaks involved, I dont really know wha....

Get Pho

5 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-Food-Pho - Get Pho

Eating Vietnamese food in Incheon

Tonight I went to get some pho. Of course that wasnt the specific plan, there was no plan, thats the beauty of solo travel in foreign lands, there....

Both ends

5 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-Songdo-Hiking-Gaesan - Both ends

Hiking Gaesan near Incheon

Today I went to both ends of Incheon. The northern end has a mountain, of sorts, the southern end has an ultra modern eco design city, of sorts. E....

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