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Dong Demon

2 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Dongdaemun - Dong Demon

Walking to and around the Dongdaemun culture park

I am almost certain last time I came to Seoul I went to Dongdaemun and called it Dong Demon. Because I am childish. But also does it really mean E....

Much fashion

22 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Fashion-Dongdaemun-Architecture - Much fashion

Dongdaemun during Seoul fashion week

Note, I said Much fashion, I am true to my word, or in this case, lack of phrase, from page 1. It is the middle of Seoul fashion week, and as ever....

Walk until lost

14 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Dongdaemun-Bibimbap - Walk until lost

This evening I did one of my favourite activities. Pick a direction and walk that way, until you are completely lost. The path took me back throug....


9 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Dongdaemun-Kpop-Dumplings - Dongdaemun

Before I headed off to Dongdaemun, I found myself at Seoul station. Tomorrow is the start of the 5 day harvest moon holiday called Chuseok, so peo....

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