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Killing time in familiar places

27 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Akihabara - Killing time in familiar places

Wandering around Ueno and Akihabara on a Sunday afternoon

As mentioned above, my flight and train and other things all added up to get me to Ueno at about 9AM, for a 3PM check in at the hotel. Oh well. De....

I should be more tired

28 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Curry - I should be more tired

Akihabara at night

I think I slept for a maximum of one hour on the plane. Before departing I woke up at 6am Saturday morning Australian time which is 4am Japan time....

The last supper

15 November 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Ramen - The last supper

Eating ramen beneath Tokyo station

Time to head out and have my last dinner in Japan, unless my flight is cancelled. Leaping forward, Ueno station has been a source of crime and vil....

I have returned

12 November 2017

Japan-Yokohama-Tokyo-Cat-Akihabara - I have returned

From Yokohama to Ueno

I have indeed returned to Tokyo, my last stop, but still have 4 nights here before boarding my plane home, plenty of time left to climb more thing....


8 November 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Garden - Glay

A day exploring the streets and suburbs of Tokyo

Today the weather is very glay, you may think thats me being racist, however from the wikipedia article on the awesome Japanese band Glay - Offi....

Beneath the tracks

7 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Omurice - Beneath the tracks

Waling from Ueno to Akihabara for omurice

Its only 2 stops to Akihabara, so thats where I decided to go, on foot. You can walk under the elevated JR line the enitre way which is actually v....

Akihabara and Ginza by night

8 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Ginza-Akihabara - Akihabara and Ginza by night

Tonight I revisited a couple of places I had been to already, which are probably much more interesting at night. First up, Akihabara, Electric Tow....

Akihabara and Ueno

4 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Ueno - Akihabara and Ueno

Another fine day in Tokyo, perfect weather. Its still a holiday like yesterday and tomorrow, all part of golden week. This means some places are v....

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