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The first of the three long journeys

26 April 2019

China-Xian-Chongqing-Bullet Train - The first of the three long journeys

The long train journey from Xian to Chongqing

I write this as we finally approach Chongqing West station. Unfortunately this brand new high speed rail station has opened before the metro line ....

Around the bottom of the wall

26 April 2018

China-Xian-City Wall-Muslim Quarter - Around the bottom of the wall

The morning markets of Xian

Today I am going to Chongqing, I have been there before, that journey will likely be described in laborious detail below. For some unknown reason,....

The other great wall

25 April 2018

China-Xian-City Wall-Hiking-Dumplings - The other great wall

Walking a full loop of the city wall of Xian

It certainly was a big day for doing the tourist things. This evening I walked a full lap of the city wall. I guess not too many tourists actually....

Pottery barn

25 April 2018

China-Xian-Terracotta Army - Pottery barn

Visiting the Terracotta warriors of Xian by bus

In about 1970, the forgotten former ancient capital of China, Xian, decided that they had nothing much to offer. Smart thinking central party memb....

Shining beacons of ancient

24 April 2018

China-Xian-Food-Bell Tower - Shining beacons of ancient

The drum and bell towers of Xian

This evening I did not really go far and I did a bit of a repeat of last night. Mainly because I was starving and my legs were tired from the sold....

The grandest scale

23 April 2018

China-Xian-Muslim Quarter-Chilli - The grandest scale

The muslim street market of Xian

Everything in Xian is huge and made to look ancient, except its all really very modern, and ultra clean, and well lit. I like it. There are certai....

How to make a short train ride really long

23 April 2018

China-Zhengzhou-Xian-Bullet Train - How to make a short train ride really long

The high speed train from Zhengzhou to Xian

After what seemed like an all day journey to take a 2 hour train ride, I have arrived at my hotel in Xian. I will talk more about Xian when I have....

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