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Quiet coastal city under construction

5 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Niigata-Shinkansen - Quiet coastal city under construction

Taking the Shinkansen from Takasaki to Niigata

Now I am in Niigata, it seems very quiet. I believe my hotel is in the busy part of town, called Furumachi, which is more than a kilometre from th....

Walkway to nowhere

4 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Food - Walkway to nowhere

Eastern side of Takasaki station and Korean food

Like many Japanese cities, the station is connected to nearby buildings by elevated walkways, these ensure all the stores on the street level get ....

Staying the course

4 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Hiking-Yokokawa - Staying the course

Walking along the abandoned Usui Toge Railway from Yokokawa

Today was my third trip down the Shin-Etsu line which heads into the mountains from Takasaki then ends at a dead end. During my 2018 Japan visit, ....

Takasaki has a lot of shops

3 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Shopping-Curry - Takasaki has a lot of shops

Covered streets and modern malls do battle in Takasaki

Tonight I explored Takasaki. It is quite nice. First I located the old covered shopping street, which is so old they have branded it as such. The....

Surprise Buddha

2 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Shinkansen-Buddha - Surprise Buddha

Tokyo to Takasaki with a quick visit to Byakue Dai-Kannon

Now I am in Takasaki, about an hour out of Tokyo by bullet train. Now I have escaped the millions of tourists in Tokyo, so that I can be the only ....

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