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Dull hysteria

3 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Onuma Koen-Snow - Dull hysteria

A day trip from Hakodate to Onuma Koen

Hakodate is small. So small that it only has one department store and thats mostly closed down. Small enough that the main station which is where ....

Dam it

1 November 2016

Japan-Sapporo-Snow-Hiking-Jozankei Onsen - Dam it

Walking from Jozankei Onsen to the nearby dam via a tunnel

Last full day in Sapporo, and thankfully no rain. I made my decision of where to go last night, should be easy to get there, there was a small hit....

Terrible sign failure

30 October 2016

Japan-Sapporo-Hiking-Snow-Mount Soranuma - Terrible sign failure

Hiking Mount Soranuma near Sapporo by bus

I thought there might be a bit of snow. Turns out there was endless snow. I thought it might be cold on top of a mountain, turns out it was absolu....

I made it in 9 hours

5 June 2016

Germany-Garmisch Partenkirchen-Hiking-Zugspitze-Snow - I made it in 9 hours

Hiking up Zugspitze via the Reintal route

It was a long fun day. Opinions were mixed on if climbing the highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze (2962m), was possible so early in the season.....


10 March 2014

Japan-Kyoto-Snow-Curry - Snowstorm

Before today I never really experienced it snowing. A couple of years ago in Osaka I detected a few seconds of what might have been snow, but I wa....

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