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Wet, lost and confused

4 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Hangzhou-Train - Wet, lost and confused

Today is the day to move from Nanjing to Hangzhou, about 2 hours by train back through Shanghai. Checking out of my hotel was fun, thank you sir, ....

Cool weather is cool

3 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Architecture - Cool weather is cool

Today was much cooler than any other day since I arrived in China, and it was great. This evening is my last night in Nanjing, tomorrow I go to Ha....

Panda dead, again

3 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Zoo-Amusement Park - Panda dead, again

A couple of years ago I went to the Ueno zoo in Tokyo. It was largely closed down and in a state of disrepair, reason being their panda had died. ....

Sleep now please

2 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Beef - Sleep now please

I walked into the centre of town, and it was difficult! Still super tired from last night and todays long walks. Todays up hill in the heat probab....

Purple haze

2 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Hiking-Purple Mountain - Purple haze

Perhaps the main attraction of the Nanjing area is the Purple Mountain. There are many things to see here, including Ming tombs, some kind of amph....

Twice as lost

1 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Mall-Canal - Twice as lost

I actually managed to get properly lost twice. The first time is fun, the second time (when hungry) is infuriating! The first time I got lost, I c....

Sombre please

1 September 2012

China-Nanjing-Massacre-Museum - Sombre please

There will be no jokes today, as I went to the Nanjing massacre memorial hall. In 1937, Japan who already occupied north eastern China pushed sout....

Bed turn down service

31 August 2012

China-Nanjing-Hunan Road-Beef - Bed turn down service

How can I turn down the bed turn down service? When I arrive in a hotel, I dont unpack my suitcase. I take the dirty clothes out I have already wo....

No train pictures

31 August 2012

China-Shanghai-Nanjing-Train - No train pictures

Today I moved from Shanghai to Nanjing. Nanjing was the capital most recently until world war 2, the name literally means southern capital. The Ch....

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