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Ridiculous hotels

17 March 2015

Korea-Gwangju-Hotel-Neon - Ridiculous hotels

The love hotels of Gwangju

My hotel is in the business and financial area of Gwangju apparently. It is an area with very wide streets, a lot of things are under construction....

Goose stepping

24 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Shrine-Grand Hotel - Goose stepping

So, today I didnt climb any big mountain, just a hill. Tomorrow will probably be a different story. As a result there are not that many photos tod....


23 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Shilin-Night Market-Grand Hotel - Security

I often run into trouble with security guards or police or concerned citizens groups, so it came as no surprise that I might get lost and get foll....

Hotel dramas!

14 July 2010

England-London-Hotel - Hotel dramas!

After a pleasant ride home on the Eurostar, I arrived at my prepaid hotel, which is right on the tube line to Heathrow, and has a fridge, microwav....

Changing hotel

5 March 2010

England-London-Hotel-Earls Court - Changing hotel

Last day of work out at Hatfield was a bit boring, but I did go to Morrisons to get some lunch, this completes my visits to all the supermarkets i....

Riding around in a truck in the freezing cold

2 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Hotel - Riding around in a truck in the freezing cold

I had a great sleep from 9pm to 3am without waking up, woke up to the alarm. Today I had to ride around in a rubbish truck, it was actually quite ....

And still I work

9 December 2005

India-Chennai-Hotel - And still I work

Not too much to report today, a full day of work. I am however feeling a bit naseous and dizzy, I suspect this is a result of ghee overload from t....

Transit from the airport my hotel in Shah Alam

3 December 2005

Malaysia-Shah Alam-Hotel - Transit from the airport my hotel in Shah Alam

The bus is a mini bus, and it is full of course, im squashed into a corner, my blackberry works! I thought maybe only the phone features would but....

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