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Causeway Bay
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Photos of the mundane

21 April 2019

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Food - Photos of the mundane

Eating Tteokbokki in Causeway Bay

All my photos are mundane. Tonights are particularly mundane. I could have just wandered down to Causeway bay, shot some photos of neon lit street....

The island side

7 March 2014

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Tram - The island side

This evening I walked from one side of Hong Kong island (as opposed to Kowloon) to the other and did touristy stuff. That means this text will be ....

Causeway Bay

4 September 2011

Hong Kong-Star Ferry-Causeway Bay-Tsim Sha Tsui - Causeway Bay

After a refreshing nap, it was time to head out at dusk and find some food and walk around. Nothing particularly amusing happened, I woke up feeli....

Last night in Hong Kong

16 May 2010

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Beef - Last night in Hong Kong

As the title says, its my last night in Hong Kong, not quite the last night of the holiday though as I am here all day tomorrow and then its an ov....

Dinner in Causeway Bay

14 May 2010

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Okonomiyaki - Dinner in Causeway Bay

After such a big day, the evenings activities were quite brief. All I did was wander around the local area which was packed to the gills for a Fri....

Welcome to Hong Kong

12 May 2010

Hong Kong-Airport-Causeway Bay - Welcome to Hong Kong

Arriving in Hong Kong and again you get to ride on a little unmanned train for a few metres. Finally I strike trouble in an airport and have to li....

Welcome to Hong Kong

20 March 2010

Hong Kong-Airport-Causeway Bay-Mall - Welcome to Hong Kong

Arriving into Hong Kong was very smooth also, first off the plane, first to the customs line, bought an octopus card tourist pass thing that gets ....

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