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Mile high typing club

2 November 2015

Adelaide-Brisbane-Qantas-Boeing A330 - Mile high typing club

Adelaide to Tokyo via Brisbane on Qantas

Unfortunately this journey starts with me suffering from a cold. Suffering is a term I use all too often, where others might use minor sniffles, o....

The end of boring stuff

26 March 2015

Melbourne-Adelaide-Qantas-Boeing 737 - The end of boring stuff

Transiting Melbourne airport and heading to Adelaide

My flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne made it. Despite a Germanwings plane killing all on board the day before in France, now apparently due to pi....

Sydney is nowhere near Korea

3 March 2015

Adelaide-Sydney-Qantas-Lounge - Sydney is nowhere near Korea

Breakfast at the Qantas first class loung in Sydney

Before doing anything, I need to figure out how to use this awesome program I wrote that automatically encrypts everything I type here into a jumb....

Qantas did not go on strike

6 March 2014

Adelaide-Sydney-Lounge - Qantas did not go on strike

Having previously been inconvenienced by a volcanic eruption in South America which somehow only grounded flights in Adelaide, and the CEO of Qant....

Planes broken

23 March 2013

Adelaide-Brisbane-Qantas-Boeing 737 - Planes broken

I spoke too soon above about the lack of drama. After boarding the plane to Brisbane, the pilot announced there was a technical issue that they ju....

3 flights to get there

23 March 2013

Adelaide-Brisbane-Qantas-Lounge - 3 flights to get there

I cant think of any ridiculous story to tell this time involving my departure to Chengdu. There has been no airline problems involving aliens emer....

Time to go

27 August 2012

Adelaide-China-Shanghai-Qantas - Time to go

Its about time to go on another holiday. Asia of course, more specifically China yet again. This means I have actually managed 4 overseas trips in....

Adelaide to Sydney

6 March 2012

Adelaide-Sydney-Airport-Qantas - Adelaide to Sydney

Time to head off to Fukushima to address the core issues. I have practiced solving Japans nuclear crisis by the almost as complex repair to my sho....

Adelaide to Brisbane

3 September 2011

Adelaide-Airport-Lounge-Boeing 737-Qantas - Adelaide to Brisbane

Time for another holiday, since its been almost 4 months since the last one. This time I am again heading to Hong Kong, to arise the suspicions of....

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