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4 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Datun-Yangmingshan - Fogsweat

Datunshan multi-peak trail

I thought I got sweaty the other day. Nope. Today I got twice as sweaty. So sweaty that sweat ran down my legs and into my shoes, and made a squis....

Me vs the volcano ver. 3.0a

1 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Me vs the volcano ver. 3.0a

Yangmingshan Qixing peak

If you suffer from chronic flatulence, then today's hike is for you. It was my third time doing this hike, and the first time when the peak was no....

Coat day

8 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Coat day

Climbing Yangmingshan in the rain

The day has finally come, the day where I get to wear my $2 convenience store raincoat. A great day indeed. I woke up and excitedly ran outside to....

Me vs the volcano

23 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Me vs the volcano

Today I went to Yangmingshan national park, just north of Taipei. I have been there before and got lost, its huge, theres a lot of different peaks....

Yangmingshan national park

19 March 2012

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Yangmingshan national park

Nearby the area of Beitou is a massive national park with a heap of mountains in it. A couple of the peaks are just over 1000 metres, so nothing m....

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