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Ferning about

5 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Treetop Walk-Driving - Ferning about

Otway fly treetop walk and driving back to Melbourne

Last day of short holiday, still one more activity. Time to go to a zip lining park and walk along the metal path among the trees rather than go z....

The Great Ocean Walk goes both ways

3 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Great Ocean Walk - The Great Ocean Walk goes both ways

Hiking at dusk at Cape Otway

Long day was long. And theres no food options at all where I am staying, no shops, no internet, no other people, just Wallabies. That meant buying....

The greyness sets in

14 July 2019

England-London-Walking-Chelsea - The greyness sets in

A grey walk along the Thames exploring Southbank

Of course, when I woke up, it was raining in London, because that is what London does. Thankfully it did not last long, after some real rain it ju....


22 April 2018

China-Zhengzhou-Park-Mall-Walk - Windwalker

Walking a great loop of the tree lined city of Zhengzhou

Brace yourself for a huge barrage of grey wind swept photos of every day life in Zhengzhou. I went on a HUUUUGE walk, over 30km, just going wherev....

The great walk

29 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Walk-Ueno-Shrine - The great walk

Its the last day of my weekend in Tokyo. My flight isnt until 8pm in the evening. So theres no excuse not to walk a great distance. If you enjoy p....

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