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9 April 2011

Malaysia-Johor Bahru-Mall-Market - Malaysia

Today I went to Johor Bahru, which is the Malaysian frontier town just north of Singapore. Getting there is amazingly cheap, but time consuming, a....

Check out time

19 December 2005

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Airport - Check out time

At about 11:30 I decide its time to check out and have the hotel look after my bags and keep myself entertained for at least 4 hours. Theres no pr....

Last day

19 December 2005

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Menara Tower - Last day

Last day, some logistics to be considered, check out time of hotel, 12 noon, flight time, 2145, check in for flight is in the city at the train st....

Night shots

18 December 2005

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Petronas Towers - Night shots

In the evening I decide to venture over to petronas towers again, for some night shots and to find dinner. The attached mall has some classy resta....

A lot of walking

18 December 2005

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Mall-Monorail - A lot of walking

Another day of much walking ahead! First I go to times square, another megamall, I am a bit early and not much is open, starbucks is though, I hav....

Arriving at KLIA at 0445

17 December 2005

Malaysia-KLIA-Outback Steakhouse - Arriving at KLIA at 0445

I am first at every stage, through customs, immigration, baggage collection, and I am not even racing, its surreal, the airport is empty some stor....

Transit back to KLIA

4 December 2005

Malaysia-KLIA-Airport - Transit back to KLIA

The 'Supa Comfort Luxury Mini Coach' turns out to be worse than the last one, no air conditioning, and somehow 12 people fit in it, no seatbelts, ....

Shopping in Shah Alam

4 December 2005

Malaysia-Shah Alam-Mall-Mosque - Shopping in Shah Alam

At 11 a.m. things seemed to open! so I ventured out once more, in the hotel lobby, there was a family gathering of some sort, with kittens???? the....

Shah Alam

4 December 2005

Malaysia-Shah Alam-Mosque - Shah Alam

Awoke as it got light - really had no idea what to expect to see out the window.

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