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4 down 3 to go

20 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Tainan-Bullet Train - 4 down 3 to go

Taking the train from Kaohsiung to Tainan

Now I am in Tainan. My third last destination on this trip that is going too quickly. Today is also hot, with almost no visible pollution, I guess....

Needed more time

19 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Department Store-Food-Beef - Needed more time

The Hanshin department store

As the uncreative title above suggests, I needed more time in Kaohsiung. I thought 4 nights would be plenty, but there is more to see and do than ....

Sweating profusely

19 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Hiking-Shoushan-Chaishan - Sweating profusely

Hiking Shoushan and Chaishan in Kaohsiung

Astute readers will recall that the day before yesterday I tried to climb over the back of the small mountain between the ocean and Kaohsiung and ....

Steak night

18 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Night Market-Ruifeng-Food-Beef - Steak night

The Ruifeng night market

My holiday is already half over. Thas a little depressing. Seems like a week but its been 2. I am surprised how much I like Kaohsiung, on my secon....

So many gift shops

18 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Fo Guang Shan-Buddha - So many gift shops

A day trip to the enormous Fo Guang Shan

Today I went to the buddha theme world amusement park extravaganza. It is at a place called Fo Guang Shan, and of course, its out in the middle of....

Accidental dream mall

17 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Shopping Mall-Food-Beef - Accidental dream mall

Riding the new tram to the giant mall

This evening I ended up at the dream mall by accident after accidentally riding on a Melbourne tram in Taiwan. Allow me to go on with boring detai....

Razor wire defeat

17 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Monkeys-Temple-Beach - Razor wire defeat

Fa-shing buddhist temple and lots of monkeys

Kaohsiung has a city mountain. It is called either longevity mountain, or monkey mountain. Whilst as you will see monkey mountain is apt, I think ....

Bigger and brighter

16 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Department Store-Food-Bibimbap - Bigger and brighter

The bright lights and big department stores of Kaohsiung

I came to Kaohsiung in early 2011, 6 years ago which is quite scary to think about because I thought it was 3 years ago. I just reviewed my photos....

Animal kingdom

16 March 2017

Taiwan-Taitung-Kaohsiung-Horse-Cow-Dog - Animal kingdom

Getting from Taitung to Kaohsiung by train

Now I am in Kaohsiung, better spelt as GaoXiong. To get here I took a train across and mainly under many mountains, however my train did not depar....

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