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9 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Yokohama-Shinkansen - Decline

From Gifu to Yokohama on the Shinkansen

Physical Health Status: Deteriorating fast Mental Health Status: I want to put every snotty Japanese person who has made me sick to the sword! Bel....

I have seen all of it

8 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Architecture-Food-Vegetarian - I have seen all of it

The view from the Gifu observation tower

I am confident I have now seen all there is to see in Gifu. Time to move on to Yokohama tomorrow. To assist in ensuring everyone can see all of Gi....

Castle in the fog

8 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Rain-Fog-Castle-Garden - Castle in the fog

Climbing up the slippery hills to get to Gifu castle

Weather update: Misty fog but still really warm. Health update: Mildly snotty but maybe already getting better? Today I got to use the plethora o....

You would never ever get wet

6 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Food-Ramen - You would never ever get wet

The covered shopping streets of Gifu

Heres what I have learnt about Gifu - They are deathly afraid of rain. To ensure they never ever have to get wet, they put a roof over everything.....

The turn for home

6 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Gifu-China Town-Shinkansen - The turn for home

Riding the Shinkansen from Kobe to Gifu

Now I am in Gifu, which means I have stopped heading West and am now heading back East towards Tokyo. A sad day indeed. I have never been here bef....

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