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9 November 2017

Japan-Yokohama-Food-China Town-Mapo Tofu - Resurgence

Eating Mapo Tofu in Yokohama Chinatown

Its not game over yet. I seem to be going through a resurgence. Maybe it will be brief, maybe it will be lasting, time will tell....time will tell....

The turn for home

6 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Gifu-China Town-Shinkansen - The turn for home

Riding the Shinkansen from Kobe to Gifu

Now I am in Gifu, which means I have stopped heading West and am now heading back East towards Tokyo. A sad day indeed. I have never been here bef....

London is quite familiar

27 May 2016

England-London-China Town-Picadilly Circus - London is quite familiar

The familiar shops and streets of Oxford

2 updates today. I set off for a long walk, first of all I had to find a laundry to do my clothes washing tomorrow morning. I found one I used yea....

A real city

26 May 2016

England-Manchester-Mall-China Town-Pho - A real city

Heading from Warrington to Manchester for dinner

Finally I managed to get to a real city. Manchester, which is Englands second biggest city, for those of you who have no geography skills at all. ....

Where did everyone go?

6 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-China Town - Where did everyone go?

The Incheon China Town

Its Friday night and theres no one around. Is Korea playing in a world cup final I didnt know about? Perhaps the direction I headed in, to the por....


11 September 2011

Korea-Incheon-China Town-Amusement Park - Incheon

Incheon is actually a seperate city, it is basically joined up with Seoul but has its own metro, own very modern central business district etc. It....

I am working, so dont expect much

28 June 2010

England-London-China Town-Pho - I am working, so dont expect much

Today I worked, all day, its a common misconception that I just go on holidays all over the world. I woke up at 6 and had to catch a train north o....


8 May 2010

Japan-Yokohama-Ferris Wheel-Garden-China Town - Yokohama

Before I talk about Yokohama, time for another observation of Japan. Japanese people do not J walk, ever. You can stand at a corner of a small bac....

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