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Departing Chennai airport

16 December 2005

India-Chennai-Airport - Departing Chennai airport

I arrive at the airport in plenty of time, about 8pm, unlike most airports only passengers are allowed inside the building at all, so thats the fi....

Last day in India

16 December 2005

India-Chennai - Last day in India

Not much work to do today, everything is finished, a few people come to me with queries. I do however have to give my speech, which I have insiste....

Home visit

15 December 2005

India-Chennai-Temple - Home visit

We now get to go to Vaigunths house! and also his Aunties, which are both basically adjoining the temple. Vaigunths house is new and he hasnt move....

Visiting a temple

15 December 2005

India-Chennai-Temple - Visiting a temple

A more relaxed day in the morning, but in the afternoon the realisation that there will be very little time tomorrow results in a flood of questio....

The Indian mall experience

11 December 2005

India-Chennai-Mall-Spencer Plaza - The Indian mall experience

It has now been one week since my arrival in India, and only 6 days to go, which will go fast as there is a busy work schedule. Today is my last c....


10 December 2005

India-Chennai-Dakshinachitra - Dakshinachitra

Mammalapuram was most impressive, and I thank my hosts for the opportunity - they also are grateful to be able to come, one of them has never been....


10 December 2005

India-Chennai-Mamallapuram-Monkeys - Mamalapuram

Just up the road from lunch, we arrive at the main stop for the day - Mammalapuram, sculptures and caves carved out of massive stones from the 6th....

The weekend!

10 December 2005

India-Chennai-Vegetarian - The weekend!

First - a drama, my laptop started stuffing up badly, hitting certain keys would input 10 letters, some would trigger a log off, I couldnt log in ....

And still I work

9 December 2005

India-Chennai-Hotel - And still I work

Not too much to report today, a full day of work. I am however feeling a bit naseous and dizzy, I suspect this is a result of ghee overload from t....

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