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I hit a wall

20 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Bukhansan - I hit a wall

Hiking across Bukhansan National Park from Bulgwang to Bukhansan Ui

Lets get going with this. The main National Park within the suburbs of Seoul is Bukhansan. It is huge. There are lots of subway stations for hiker....


24 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Bukhansan-Dobongsan - Rockfall

Hiking Dobongsan in Bukhansan National Park

The last mountain! It was the most technically challenging, with lots of sheer rock faces to ascend with footholds and cables and opportunities to....

Yellow sand day

22 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Bukhansan-Baegundae - Yellow sand day

Hiking Baegundae Bukhansan national park

Sorry to disappoint, but it is again mountain hike day. Todays hike was to Baegundae peak in the hugely popular Bukhansan national park, by far th....

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