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Nanjing Road
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Getting here

27 August 2012

China-Shanghai-Airport-Nanjing Road - Getting here

Well, I am here, but my bags are not. I kind of knew that would happen. The connection in Sydney went smooth for me, my flight from Adelaide was ....

Guitars and home made dinner

6 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Nanjing Road-Guitar - Guitars and home made dinner

I set out to get lost. I succeeded more than once. At one stage I was between a river and an industrial complex of some kind, I had to double back....

Back from Suzhou

4 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Nanjing Road-Dancing - Back from Suzhou

The bullet train back was great, it was the first time I had sat down for many hours and I nearly fell asleep! However the adventure is not over, ....

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