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5 February 2019

Let met explain - forwards or backwards?

For the sake of fake self-importance, I am going to write this as if someone actually reads anything that appears on this website.

If you are really good at hunting around, you might find some content here from 1999, at the time of writing, about 20 years ago.
Back then, slashdot.org was still new, and the term 'blog' may not have existed, there are differing opinions on that.
The term 'weblog' or 'e-log' existed, but generally, people still wrote their internet content like a book. Chapter 1 would appear first, then chapter 2 which might make reference to things that happened in chapter 1. The reader was generally expected to read chapter 1 before chapter 2.

Fast forward a few years, and attention spans started to shrink. Sites like slashdot.org became the norm. Content creators successfully altered the mindset of consumers to ensure they read their website every day, in reverse order, until they hit content they had already seen previously.
This basically eliminates the possibility of making reference to the previous 'post'. The concept of a previous post was actually a new concept also.

The most extreme way of explaining how the internet works today with the modern blog format is as follows. Lets assume as unlikely that it may be that you were busy at work all day and had no time to scroll through the internet every few minutes, you might check the news at the end of the day and see something like -

• Amazing rescue operation frees all hostages!
• Smoke is billowing from an open window.
• Negotiations are continuing.
• Police have the building surrounded.
• Up to 20 hostages believed to be trapped inside.
• Witnesses say there are at least 3 gunmen.
• Reports of multiple gunshots and explosions - follow live.
• Reports of incident unfolding at Seaview Mall Shopping Centre - more to come.

Obviously an extreme example, but its like reading the punchline before you have heard the joke.

In the latest content first blog format that most people now consider to be 'the internet', if you dont read every post every day before another is posted, you will either be -

• Reading out of order, or
• Scrolling past newer posts, and scrolling past the post you want to read until you get to the post you have already read, so you can scroll back up to the first post you have not read yet.

I do not like this.
So what does all this nonsensical ranting mean?

I am now proud to offer both forward and backwards formats. I call these areas of the site Full Trip Reports and All Posts. At the time of writing there are about 820 posts available, and 21 trips. Unless you are reading this site 10 times a day checking for new content I would prefer you read the full trip report and bookmarked the page you were up to.
If you just want a taste of the content, I have a Featured Posts section, which generally has some nicer photos.
If you want to find something specific, go to the tag cloud located in the Search section....tags are an even newer concept than blogs!

news - This simple to follow map explains how best to navigate this state of the art website / weblog.

This simple to follow map explains how best to navigate this state of the art website / weblog.

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