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Mong Kok
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Grimey goodness

12 April 2019

Hong Kong-Mong Kok - Grimey goodness

Wandering the markets of Mong Kok in search of Wonton noodle soup

Hooray its not raining. I bet it will be tomorrow morning. Tonight I headed just up the street and walked laps of Mong Kok gawking at the grimey ....

The Kowloon side

8 March 2014

Hong Kong-Mall-Mong Kok - The Kowloon side

Last night was the island, tonight was Kowloon. I have done all this before, so not too many photos, roads full of people and neon. Restaurants wi....

Mong Kok

26 March 2011

Hong Kong-Market-Mong Kok - Mong Kok

I have been to Mong Kok many times before, but on a Saturday night its the place to go if you want to see lots of people. Theres distinct areas, g....

Shopping in Mong Kok

15 May 2010

Hong Kong-Mong Kok - Shopping in Mong Kok

Another one of my short style updates, legs sore from mountain climbing earlier, but surprisingly my feet are fine! This evening I went to Mong Ko....

Sha Tin and Mong Kok

13 May 2010

Hong Kong-Mong Kok-Sha Tin-Buddha - Sha Tin and Mong Kok

Weather in Hong Kong is perfect today. I was worried it would be too hot and humid but its only about 25 and I am not really noticing the humidity....

Evening in Kowloon/Mong Kok

20 March 2010

Hong Kong-Mong Kok-Architecture - Evening in Kowloon/Mong Kok

It was probably the most exciting walk I have ever been on. I caught the train to Mong Kok, and got out and was dazzled immediately. Walked around....

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