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Cape Otway
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Ferning about

5 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Treetop Walk-Driving - Ferning about

Otway fly treetop walk and driving back to Melbourne

Last day of short holiday, still one more activity. Time to go to a zip lining park and walk along the metal path among the trees rather than go z....

Giant white phallus

4 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Lighthouse-Night - Giant white phallus

The worst photos of the Cape Otway lighthouse

Just when everyone thought there would be no more lighthouse photos, here are 3 more. Behold it in all its phallic glory. I threatened to take suc....

Less traffic more people

4 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Twelve Apostles-Port Campbell - Less traffic more people

From Cape Otway to Port Campbell via the Twelve Apostles

Today I went to one of the most visited sites in Australia. Probably on one of the busiest days. However due to COVID there are basically zero bus....

The Great Ocean Walk goes both ways

3 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Great Ocean Walk - The Great Ocean Walk goes both ways

Hiking at dusk at Cape Otway

Long day was long. And theres no food options at all where I am staying, no shops, no internet, no other people, just Wallabies. That meant buying....

The great traffic road

3 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Apollo Bay-Lorne - The great traffic road

Along the Great Ocean Road between Cape Otway and Lorne

Today was all about huge crowds of people and traffic. I knew this, I was prepared for this. Lorne was far worse than I thought but everywhere els....

OMG it's a lighthouse

2 April 2021

Australia-Cape Otway-Lighthouse - OMG it's a lighthouse

Many photo's of the lighthouse at Cape Otway

If you like lighthouse photos, you will like this update, it is all lighthouses. The lighthouse is the main attraction, but as you shall see there....

Inland towns and a bird sanctuary

2 April 2021

Australia-Colac-Cape Otway-Driving - Inland towns and a bird sanctuary

Driving from Melbourne to Cape Otway via Colac on the M1 highway

OK. Normally when I go on trips within Australia they do not appear here. COVID has forced a change in that. I thought it best to add this small 4....

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