Ricoh GR III

Here is a collection of photos taken with my Ricoh GR III camera which are not part of the bigger journey / trip / month long solo odyssey posts you can find on the front page of


Xmas 2020

Staying local for Xmas 2020 at Beechworth.

Sherbrooke Falls

30 November 2020

Short walk to invisible tiny waterfall.

You Yangs Regional Park

9 November 2020

First day out of lockdown. Time to find a hill to climb.

Nowra during bushfires

Xmas 2019

Australia is on fire, so lets drive into the heart of the fires for xmas.

Werribee Zoo

14 September 2019

A visit to the somewhat disappointing Werribee open range zoo in the west of Melbourne

Queenslciff to Sorrento Ferry

22 June 2019

A return visit to the ferry that connects Queenscliff, near Geelong, to Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, and back again, with my still new still learning to use Ricoh GR III.


16 June 2019

2nd batch of shots from my new Ricoh GR III. Very happy with these. Taken on a walk on a winters day from Brighton to St Kilda in Melbourne.


15 June 2019

These are the first photos I took with my new Ricoh GR III, they are a mixture of the normal boring stuff from near my home in Melbourne. For whatever reason the first couple are very high iso noisy dark shots.