Port Melbourne approching storm - 16 December 2018 - Page 1

16 December 2018

Port Melbourne approaching storm

After a few days of strange sudden flooding around central Melbourne, I found myself down at the port area with my still quite new Sony a7ii with a vintage Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens attached. Unfortunately it started to rain quite hard after I had only taken 6 shots.

This weather had already passed, but it made for some nice clouds, nice sea color. All shots today were taken at f/11, on many I set the exposure comp to -1 which better reflects how dark it was.

A small pier. The ship is in an annoying spot, and there are people that would not move.

Storm approaching! These are both ferries that go to Tasmania. This was a brief period where there was a bit of sun poking through which made the dark clouds look even darker, and the sea look weird.

I think this is called princess pier. You can see that my vintage lens bends the horizon a bit. It is easy enough to fix in lightroom if I feel the need. This is a favourite spot for Melbourne photographers.

One of the ferries with a bit of pier in the shot, looking away from the storm.

The container port in the distance. I was raining hard now, I was shielding the lens with my hand. Time to turn and run back to the tram.

Bonus shot! Taken later in the day on the way back from Brunswick street. Not as good as the sunset the other night obviously.