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There is a mix of everything here, everything that does not fit on the main page which is mainly international travel.
The content here is not as well maintained, and wont be updated, but I dont like to delete anything ever.
Also be aware, most of this wont auto scale to work on mobile devices.

Local Travel

Travels in and around wherever I happen to be living at the time, slightly newer than the content just below here in the Regional Travel section.
This section probably works ok on mobile devices, thats why its near the top of this page.

Torquay shot on Sony RX100

June 1st 2019

I dont have a good camera at the time of writing this, so I took a really old camera with me on an impromptu trip to Torquay, it turned out ok.

Altona beach walk

March 26th 2016

Caught the train to Williamstown and walked through some mangroves and swamps all the way to Altona.

Abseiling West of Melbourne

April 2nd 2016

Abseiling off cliffs at the Brisbane ranges, which are not in Brisbane, they are in fact west of Melbourne.

Sorrento to Queenscliff Ferry

May 7th 2016

Driving a full lap around Melbourne down the Mornington peninsula across the bay on the Ferry, then back through Geelong.

Hanging rock

March 13th 2016

A famous movie was made here, I did not disappear in mysterious circumstances when I went.

Phillip Island

March 20th 2016

Kayaking and flying on a helicopter on, around and over Phillip Island.


April 16th 2016

I drove from Melbourne to Adelaide to go to my brothers wedding and took photos along the way.

Regional Travel

Shorter trips in and around Australia and New Zealand. Often by road, sometimes for work, a multitude of formats, spanning decades.

Karratha Work Travel Again

October 2018

I went to Karratha for work again and snapped even more photos of the local landscape on my phone.

Karratha Work Travel

September 2018

I went to Karratha for work and snapped some photos of the local landscape on my phone.


January 9th - 12th 2007

Work trip to the island that lives off the bottom of Australia.

Great Dividing Range

October 15th - 23rd 2005

9 days travelling by car from Adelaide to near Sydney and back, staying mainly in Bright and Canberra and driving across Australia's Highest Mountains.

South Eastern Australia

January 3rd - 6th 2006

A short driving holiday at short notice, travelling from Adelaide, along the Great Ocean Road of Victoria and back again.

New Zealand

January 11th - 14th 2006

A short business visit to Auckland


May 6 - 10 2002

Watch out for crocs

Waterfall Gully

January 11 2002

so many steps to climb to paradise

Festivals and Events

Generally a single day going somewhere to watch something go by, either going by very fast or very slowly.
Dont expect me to take any of this seriously at all. If I insulted your event, please post about me on your social media so I get more hits.

Adelaide 500 Car Race

March 15 - 17 2002

Rednecks drunk in paradise

Tour Down Under

January 18th 2002

People pretending to be French whilst wearing lycra.

Festival Fringe Parade

February 22 2002

worst. parade. ever.

Adelaide Zoo

January 7th 2002

Gawking at animals kept in captivity.

Restaurant Reviews

These are all really old
One day someone will probably sue me for writing such nonsense.



Read this first if you are confused by anything to do with the restaurant section.

Red Pepper Indian Restaurant

February 6th 2006

Monday night in Melbourne and I have a cold and am about to take my first ever photos inside a restaurant.

Thai Thani Restaurant

February 7th 2006

Tuesday night and its time for thai food, drug deals, lesbian buddhists and more

Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant

February 8th 2006

Australia's version of mexican food in all its glory


February 20th 2006

If you like mexican food, why not have it again! A competing franchise to Taco Bills is Montezumas

Cooking classes

These are all really really old.
Well perhaps some of them are not that old.
I need to fix the links to non existent websites that sill exist in some of them.
There once was a time when I prepared my own food, proof below.


Sometime in the year 2000

So old that I did not even own my own house yet. Lots of photos of flesh.

Mapo Tofu

April 21st 2012

Not so old this one. I went to the place where Mapo Tofu was invented in China, the actual restaurant in Chengdu.
Here I am cooking an non authentic version of it.

Roast Lamb

January 12th 2002

The traditional Australian meal, rarely eaten outside of Australia where the smell of lamb offends people.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

October 8th 2011

I like going to Taiwan, I love niu rou mian, lets try and make it.


July 31st 2010

I like dumplings. Everybody likes dumplings. I did not make these dumplings but I did prepare them, with ramen. Everybody also like ramen.


February 20th 2006

If you like mexican food, why not have it again! A competing franchise to Taco Bills is Montezumas


Sometime in the year 2000

Another old one. I used to make lasagne, its not good for you, on this occasion I burnt it a bit, a good thing I like the taste of burnt.


December 28th 2010

In a lot of India you are much more likely to eat biryani than what we call curry. I like it, there are many varieties, here is mine.


December 31st 2006

I got a home pizza maker, in Ferrari red, so here I am making pizza with it.


December 12th 2010

Its rice, with extra stuff in it, mainly vegetables, but also wine and cheese.


December 22nd 2006

This may be the only time in my life I made a dessert.


This is real scraping of the very bottom of the barrel stuff here.
I should really delete a lot of this content, but I just cant bring myself to do it.


Early 2000s no idea when

All my old computers, when you needed lots of computers at once for some reason.

Plane Ride

February 3rd 2002

Sometimes you just have to go fly a plane.

The cat that bites

Pre history

Sometime 20 or so years ago, my mother bought a cat, then abandoned it when she went to live in Japan. The cat is still alive!

My mothers garden

Before the creation of time

I took photos of my mothers garden and uploaded them to the internet. No really, I did, as for why I did, I have no idea!