Melbourne sunset with adapted Helios-44M - 9 December 2018 - Page 1

9 December 2018

I managed to catch a great sunset in Melbourne

As the title says, shot with a vintage lense, an adapted m43 Helios-44M 58mm F/2

Taking food shots while seated with a 58mm lense is really hard. I think I would need to stand up and look even stupider to make it work.

Chinatown at dusk. Looking quite sharp here.

58mm is a very different perspective to 28mm.

More of Chinatown.

I dont really know what these boxes do, there are lots of them and this one is burnt.

Still Chinatown, but the light was getting good.

One more of Chinatown.

Down the laneway headed to the graffiti I found a spot to stick my head through the fence and photograph some rubbish.

I have taken photos of this area a few times, lots of people do.

I even took this photo before with my Fuji, I might compare later.

Nice toilet!

This one came out really well, at least I think so.

Another huge building. I became aware that the clouds were looking awesome, time to move quickly to get some shots.

Crossing Bourke street, with all the xmas decorations.

The other way up Bourke street. 58mm is a great length for street shots.

Now the fun starts. The sky was so red/orange that it appeared purple. This is Flinders street station.

I am impressed this lens is getting sun stars with the car lights handheld at about f/5.

Handheld while walking across the road. This is a crop. It is very sharp. IBIS is great!

The Yarra from St Kilda Road bridge. Excellent colors. I am very impressed how sharp the lens is, the Thales and Crowne Plaza signs are very sharp at a 1:1 zoom.

I could have framed the light reflection of the alcohol barge thing better. Those are really amazing clouds!

A bit later with the barge better framed, buildings nicely lit, but less amazing clouds.

HDR stack in lightroom, not sure I like it!