Melbourne with my new Sony - 6 October 2018 - Page 1

6 October 2018

Melbourne with my new Sony

I spent a bit of time working out what to do with the new photos from the new camera in Lightroom. These are all pretty much one quick preset I made, messed with the contrast on a couple of the graffiti shots to make it more cyberpunky or whatever.

Southbank, this is possibly oversharpened on export from lightroom. The big building with the two cranes will be the tallest building in Australia when finished, taller than the Eureka tower to the left of it.

One of Melbournes main cafe streets, not a great photo.

The laneways of Melbourne are famous in Australia at least for their coffee and graffiti. I also like rubbish bins. I like the clarity of this shot.

The main Degraves street cafe strip in Melbourne.

Bahn Mi for lunch, quite happy with the blurred background here, even though the lens was stopped down from f/2 to f/3.2.

Extra contrast added to this one.

Doorway with sharps container for used syringes.

Look closely and you can see a homeless guy washing himself behind those bins. Only his head is visible, I waited for a while for him to crouch down fully, you cant tell who he is so I guess its ok to put on the internet.
I am not into photographing the homeless and pretending to be raising awareness of their problems via instagram.

Swanston street, the girl on the left isnt perfectly focused, but the lens was only f/4.5, could have gone to f/8 for a shot like this, even in the shade I think it would still be fast enough.

Hours later, and its time for some handheld night shots, heres one from my balcony during blue hour, which is called as such because its the hour between sunset and when its dark when the sky is blue.

City skyline, mainly taking these so I can compare to shots taken with my fujifilm x70 at the same location.

More skyline, iso1600.

The mighty yarra, processing makes this look lighter than it is/was.

Southbank, iso1600 1/30.

More Southbank, trees look a bit noisy.

Flinders street station, a good candidate for a more matte look that the fuji film profiles provide with classic chrome.

Mainly here to show the blurred background.

I took a photo from this spot with my fuji recently, however there was a lot more red lighting on that occasion.

Another laneway, the lens does well with this stuff.

This is the spot where I did most of my complaining about lightroom vs capture one fujifilm demosaicing - if you dont know what I am talking about please move along.

This is fairly typical of a night shot I might take in Japan, practicing for that. 1/60 iso500 - lots of neon.

Chinatown, I have taken numerous spots from here with my fuji.

Flinders street from a different angle. I hate those horses and anyone who rides them.

And southbank form the Swanston street bridge, me and everyone else with a camera / phone / ipad was here doing the same thing.