Lakes Entrance Day 2 - Page 1

24 December 2018

Lakes Entrance day 2

After spending the day at Buchan caves I came back to Lake Entrance and went up a hill to appreciate the view.

The town is surrounded by lakes and ocean on all sides. Here is the other side, which is not the ocean side.

It is a pelican, on a pole. Also you can rent those boats even if you dont have a boat license.

There will be many pelican photos. Here is a pelican about to take off.

This pelican has decided to pose in a picturesque spot. I had my 28mm lens on, a 58mm would have been better for this.

I snuck up on the pelican, he had no issue with me taking his photo.

Here is a bit more of the non ocean side of Lakes Entrance.

An entire gaggle of smelly pelicans. Thats enough pelicans.

It was now time for me to head up a hill and enjoy the view at sunset.

Some view.

A lot more view.

Good view with small boat.

The good view is subsiding as the sun disappears.

This is the actual entrance that Lakes Entrance is named after.

Crappy shot.

I set my camera onto a log and took a long exposure of this boat, not bad.

And with the very last of the light, I found a bin for another long exposure of blue becoming orange.