Lakes Entrance Day 1 - Minolta 50mm F/1.7 - 23 December 2018 - Page 1

23 December 2018

Lakes Entrance day 1

I have gone to a place East of Melbourne called Lakes Entrance for xmas this year. These shots are with my Minolta 50mm F/1.7 lense attached to my Sony a7ii.

First I went for a walk in the bright mid afternoon sun and took some generic photos of the small town. There is a commercial fishing fleet.

Here is a bit more fleet. 50mm is a good length for fishing fleet photos.

The shore is lined with pine trees, so here is a pine tree.

The area is by the ocean but its a weird geography of ocean lakes and then the ocean. Soon you will see the ocean.

Apparently there are 4 mini golf courses in town, which is 3 too many. This is 1 of 4, I am yet to find the 4th one. They are all shut at night? Weird.

The ice cream shop is very aware of what Chinese girls would like to pose in front of for instagram.

Golf balls roll along this contraption at mini golf course number 2.

This bridge goes across to another island, on the other side of it is the real ocean, and then Antarctica.

Like many an Australian seaside town, there is a carnival set up. Like all of them it is quite a sad deserted place these days.

Nice clear sky.

I would never go on one of these things, people die often when they collapse.

My girlfriend refused to walk any further.

Now its time to walk over the bridge and stare at the sunset until I go blind. This is still my Minolta. The flaring wasnt too bad when the sun was fully in frame. Off frame was much worse.

Some fishing fleet from the other side. More on that later after it was too dark and I decided to mess around with HDR again for no good reason.

The carnival from afar, more HDR of that later too, I dont think I like HDR ever. This is ok because its not HDR. Thats enough about HDR.

The ocean! It looked good. Late sun. So hard to see, but I like shots into the sun.

More sun with some silhouettes approaching, and a bit of colored flares.

Silhouettes got closer, I have no idea what that structure is in the sea, sewer pipe maybe? Quite happy with this shot.

One more. After this I tried to get back to the other side through the sand hills, that was a challenge. By the time I got back the sun was all but gone.

Not sure if this is HDR or not, but it looks wrong. Light was crap.

More fishing fleet and slime.

Boring subject, boring light.

HDR carnival. I edited it because lightroom wants it to be very magenta again. I wont bother with HDR in future. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

Fishing fleet in fading light. This one is ok, but it was too dark by now.

Boring subject again, nothing of interest in frame. Superfluous.

This is perhaps the only worthwhile use of HDR in this entire set. The causeway across from the island to the island to the ocean.