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The busy side

21 November 2015

Japan-Kitakyushu-Kokura-Monorail - The busy side

Travelling from Shimonoseki to Kokura for dinner

This evening I went to Kitakyushu, where I walked to earlier, only this time I went via train. The train still goes under the ocean, but its a dif....

Random nonsense

9 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Monorail - Random nonsense

The old market and new monorail of Daegu

After returning from recovery mountain, I decided to give my spa bath a whirl. It seemed to have lots of jets and something that makes bubbles tha....

More brides

30 March 2013

China-Chongqing-Monorail-Museum - More brides

Todays walk took me along the water to peoples square and the three gorges museum. Using my Chinese language skills, I quickly worked out this was....

Panda overload

28 March 2013

China-Chongqing-Zoo-Panda-Monorail - Panda overload

The metro system in Chongqing features elevated monorails. Not the silly little tourist ones like they are getting rid of in Sydney, but train siz....

A lot of walking

18 December 2005

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Mall-Monorail - A lot of walking

Another day of much walking ahead! First I go to times square, another megamall, I am a bit early and not much is open, starbucks is though, I hav....

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