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Slow train to big city

26 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Kyoto-Train - Slow train to big city

Taking the slow train from Kanazawa to Kyoto

Now I am in Kyoto, I will be here for 2 nights, I have been here twice before, it is the main tourist centre of Japan. Whilst it is not a big city....


25 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Station-Mall - NO PHOTO Bigot

Exploring the shopping and dining options of Kanazawa

Weather update: rain. Also hot, 23C when I left for the evening, wish I wore shorts. Due to big drops of rain I decided to head for the station ar....

Racing the rain that never was

25 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Hiking-Tsurugi-Shiritakayama - Racing the rain that never was

Hiking Shiritakayama in Kanazawa

The weather forecast was not good. Rain all day. I originally planned to climb Hakusan, Japan's third most sacred mountain after Fuji and Tate. Ho....

Its a real city

24 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Higashichaya-Curry - Its a real city

Exploring the mysterious alleyways of Kanazawa

As my unimaginative title suggest, Kanazawa is a real city, even on a Monday night. Its Monday isnt it? Yeah, Monday. My route first went to the o....

Castles gardens and tourists

24 October 2016

Japan-Toyama-Kanazawa-Kenrokuen-Garden - Castles gardens and tourists

Travelling to Kanazawa and the Kenrokuen garden

Kanazawa has the same population as Toyama, and yet it seems 10 times bigger. It is sometimes referred to as little Kyoto, as a result, there are ....

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