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Back to London

5 March 2010

England-Hatfield-London-Frost - Back to London

Today is my last day in Hatfield, well last day in the hotel there, I guess I might have to go back there for work during the day next week, but f....

Old Hatfield

4 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Cold - Old Hatfield

I got home from work earlier than previous nights and there was still daylight, so I set off on a walk. I know I crap on about the cold a lot, but....

More galleria

3 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Cold - More galleria

In the evening, I again found myself at the Galleria, its really the centre of anything in Hatfield, it was also the coldest its been yet, -4C app....

British Walmart

2 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Salad - British Walmart

After work I set out for my usual thing of walking some place, but its just a bit cold for me to enjoy that, the weather today has been fine but t....

Riding around in a truck in the freezing cold

2 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Hotel - Riding around in a truck in the freezing cold

I had a great sleep from 9pm to 3am without waking up, woke up to the alarm. Today I had to ride around in a rubbish truck, it was actually quite ....

New shiny Hatfield

1 March 2010

England-Hatfield-Galleria - New shiny Hatfield

Hatfield itself is brand new. Everything is still shiny and very neat and ordered. Its a commuter town which means people who hate London but need....

Working in Hatfield

1 March 2010

England-Kings Cross-Hatfield-Train - Working in Hatfield

Today I have to go to work in Hatfield near St Albans which is north of London. During days where im working there will generally be less to talk ....

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