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Under the sea

4 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Sendai-Shinkansen - Under the sea

Taking the Shinkansen under the sea from Hakodate to Sendai

Now I herald my arrival to Sendai. My second to last stop, and my last new city as my last city is Tokyo which was also my first city and also a c....

The final freeze

3 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Food-Ramen-Goryokaku - The final freeze

Exploring the Hakodate fortress at night

Apart from a brief period between coffee and train station tomorrow morning, tonight is officially my last chance to freeze to death on my holiday....

Dull hysteria

3 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Onuma Koen-Snow - Dull hysteria

A day trip from Hakodate to Onuma Koen

Hakodate is small. So small that it only has one department store and thats mostly closed down. Small enough that the main station which is where ....

Running with the buses

2 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Hiking-Hakodateyama - Running with the buses

Hiking up the road at night for the view from Hakodateyama

As suggested earlier, it was time to go to the top of Mount Hakodate to do the tourist thing and take photos of the city lights. I thought to myse....

Fight for your right for a view

2 November 2016

Japan-Sapporo-Hakodate-Train - Fight for your right for a view

The slow train from Sapporo to Hakodate

Now I am in Hakodate. Each time I arrive in a new place I feel it is important to herald my arrival through a bold declaration. The journey to her....

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