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Botanists delight

8 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Botanic Garden-Flowers - Botanists delight

Heading to the Shanghai Botanic gardens on the subway

Today I went to the Shanghai Botanic Gardens. It seems every Chinese city has a huge botanical research facility, Shanghai is no exception. This c....

Osaka castle - Nagoya branch

11 November 2015

Japan-Nagoya-Castle-Curry-Flowers - Osaka castle - Nagoya branch

Visiting Nagoya castle and the Chrysanthemum displays

Today I did the touristy thing and went to Nagoya Castle. It is newly constructed, and still under construction, I took great care to ensure I hid....

Last day in Hong Kong

24 March 2010

Hong Kong-Flowers-Airport-Lounge - Last day in Hong Kong

My flight isnt until 8pm, but I have to check out by 10am, I can leave my baggage at the hotel though so thats ok, but my feet are very sore, so i....

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