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Ferris Wheel
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Short visit to big city

7 November 2017

Japan-Nagoya-Ferris Wheel-Food - Short visit to big city

A quick visit from Gifu to Nagoya

Tonight I went to Nagoya. I stayed there a few nights 2 trips ago, so I am quite familiar with it. It is a huge city, very modern, and the main ne....

Surprisingly great

4 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Ferris Wheel-Mall-Food - Surprisingly great

The bustling harborside area of Kobe

As I mentioned above, I have been to Kobe twice before but never stayed here. I think I have always gone to Sannomiya station and then headed up t....

Wheely good time

28 October 2016

Japan-Sapporo-Food-Ferris Wheel - Wheely good time

Riding the ferris wheel in Sapporo

The city area of Sapporo is huge. I am surprised by how huge and colorful it is. Like I said above, I walked the length of it to get to my hotel w....

Yay, a ferris wheel!

20 March 2012

Taiwan-Taipei-Mall-Ferris Wheel - Yay, a ferris wheel!

Wherever theres a ferris wheel, theres a good chance I will be there. Hence I am starting a new website, ratemyferriswheel.com Tonight is my last....


10 March 2012

Japan-Osaka-Ferris Wheel-Okonomiyaki - Umeda

This evening I went for...wait for it, a really long walk. I set off looking for America town, but I must have missed it. After more than an hour ....

Out and about in Kaohsiung

2 April 2011

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Ferris Wheel-Station - Out and about in Kaohsiung

Its quite hot here, 28C, the streets are very wide and neat, and its a long way between subway stations. Time to find where the people are at. I d....


8 May 2010

Japan-Yokohama-Ferris Wheel-Garden-China Town - Yokohama

Before I talk about Yokohama, time for another observation of Japan. Japanese people do not J walk, ever. You can stand at a corner of a small bac....

Teddington Tree House Club

28 February 2010

England-London-Teddington-Ferris Wheel - Teddington Tree House Club

It was time to head out to teddington on the overland to visit the studio/treehouse club/xbox drop in centre. Since I was last there, the station ....

The return

28 February 2010

England-London-Teddington-Ferris Wheel - The return

The return journey was unenventful and fast, its far easier to get to teddington via waterloo than it is catching the district line to wimbledon a....

Today I have to go to work in Hatfield near St Albans which is north of London. During days where im working there will generally be less to talk ....

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