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Escaping the continent

13 July 2019

England-London-Eurostar - Escaping the continent

Taking the Eurostar from Paris to London

Now I am in London, England, formerly part of Europe, currently part of limboland. Escaping was not without incident, quite fittingly, just befor....

It rained on everyones parade

14 July 2010

France-Gare Du Nord-Eurostar-Bastille Day-Parade - It rained on everyones parade

Today is Bastille day, which I have found out is the day some gypsies over ran the French government and destroyed a jail and let all the criminal....

I am in Paris, prepare for photo overload

10 July 2010

France-Paris-Eurostar-London - I am in Paris, prepare for photo overload

Despite the entire internet suggesting you will die with in 5 minutes of arriving in Paris at the hands of gypsies, so far it seems fine. The euro....

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