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Department Store
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The old and the new

20 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Department Store-Omurice - The old and the new

The old Hayashi department store

After the excitement of the last 4 days enjoying the city whos name cannot be mentioned, can Tainan possibly maintain the hype? Will it be a huge ....

Needed more time

19 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Department Store-Food-Beef - Needed more time

The Hanshin department store

As the uncreative title above suggests, I needed more time in Kaohsiung. I thought 4 nights would be plenty, but there is more to see and do than ....

Bigger and brighter

16 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Department Store-Food-Bibimbap - Bigger and brighter

The bright lights and big department stores of Kaohsiung

I came to Kaohsiung in early 2011, 6 years ago which is quite scary to think about because I thought it was 3 years ago. I just reviewed my photos....

Department store rain shelter

11 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Rain-Department Store-Food - Department store rain shelter

The Hualien Far Eastern department store

Imagine my lack of surprise when this evening I stepped out of my hotel room to find it was raining. It is not really a problem at night, and it d....

City in decline

21 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Department Store-Curry - City in decline

The Nagano branch of the Tokyu department store

I am convinced, Nagano is a city in serious decline. Perhaps this is the future for much of Japan, with a declining population, a reluctance to al....

Barbecue zoo

16 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Department Store-Barbecue - Barbecue zoo

Department store roof top zoo

My legs are stuffed from todays hike, they feel fantastic, going up stairs 2 at a time I can just get to the top of the subway exit before total m....

Peak neon

11 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Neon-Beef-Department Store - Peak neon

The brilliant bright lights of Busan

Busan has achieved peak neon. So far I only went to one of the many areas that are apparently well known nightspots for people to run around screa....

Dog clothes

24 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Department Store - Dog clothes

So I walked into the first part of the city. That didnt take long, you walk half the journey in a 3 mile long mall under the metro so avoiding all....

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