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Full of cake

14 March 2017

Taiwan-Taitung-Food-Cake - Full of cake

Eating Shabu Shabu in Taitung

Fast forward towards the end of the evening, and imagine my surprise when my phone rings, my phone with a Taiwanese SIM card in it, I dont even kn....

Cement factory rubbish dump beach

11 March 2017

Taiwan-Hualien-Beach-Chisingtan-Cake - Cement factory rubbish dump beach

Walking along the beach from Hualien to Chishingtan

Today I walked along the beach to the next town over, Qixingtan, formerly Chishingtan. Cheetsingtchan is famous for its view of the beach with the....

Repulse Bay...no

5 September 2011

Hong Kong-Moon Cake-Bus - Repulse Bay...no

I decided that seeing as though its a Monday morning, the beaches will be deserted. Might as well head to the most popular beach at Repulse Bay, s....


3 April 2011

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Pineapple Cake - Shopping

Tonights update is a little thing on details and photos. This is mainly because I went shopping and had my hands full. I hate having my hands full....

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